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An Alzheimer's Story


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Ann's memoir inspired by her Mom's story, Her Beautiful Brain is now available from the bookseller of your choice. Information about upcoming readings, screenings and talks available here.

November is Alzheimer's Awareness Month. My mom would have loved the irony of it: an awareness month for the ultimate attack on awareness. She was a high school English teacher and a crossword addict and always relished a good play on words. Later on came a time when she was a self-appointed ambassador for Alzheimer's Awareness. "You'll have to be patient," she would say to a waiter or clerk, while she fumbled with her credit  card. "I have Alzheimer's Disease." I was proud of her. She was youthful, stylish, in her sixties and could have faked it. Instead, she managed to gracefully increase the Alzheimer's awareness of that waiter or that clerk, leaving them to ponder their new knowledge about a disease they may have thought struck only the very old and feeble. Read more of Ann's essay on SeattlePI.com.

Watch HealthTalk.com's recent tribute to Ann Hedreen's mom, whose story is told in Quick Brown Fox.  Listen to the archived January 6, 2007 edition of the wsRadio.com program, Coping with Caregiving, in which host Jacqueline Marcell interviewed Ann Hedreen about Quick Brown Fox. It's the 4th segment. 

Women in Film Seattle has honored Quick Brown Fox with a 2006 Nell Shipman Production Excellence Award for Best Documentary. And Librarians take note! Quick Brown Fox is currently available for only $19.00 to public libraries, thanks to a generous underwriter. Click here for ordering information. 

"An informative, thought-provoking film which will linger long in any viewer's mind. Highly recommended." --Educational Media Reviews Online.

Quick Brown Fox has aired on many PBS stations and internationally. It continues to be shown frequently on television and also in conferences, on campuses, in Alzheimer's support groups and elder care venues. Women Make Movies took Quick Brown Fox to MIPDOC in Cannes in April 2005. Festival screenings include the 2006 Through Women's Eyes International Film Festival in Sarasota, Florida, the 2005 Northwest Film & Video Festival in Portland, Oregon and the 2004 Local Sightings festival at Northwest Film Forum. Its North American TV premiere was on KCTS (Seattle's PBS station) in fall 2004.

This is an important film - for our parents, for ourselves and for all those who stand in the path of this terrible disease." -- Ron Reagan

Nominated for an Emmy for best documentary, Quick Brown Fox made its European broadcast debut on YLE Public Television in Finland on January 11, 2006 and made its North American premiere on KCTS (Seattle's PBS station) in late 2004. 

"Kudos to Seattle-based filmmakers Ann Hedreen and Rustin Thompson for making a universally relevant film that arose from a highly personal and painful experience," wrote Video Librarian in its 2005 review.  "Combining family history, personal memoir, and a doggedly determined quest to explore and explain every aspect of Alzheimer's, Quick Brown Fox is both a heartrending mother-daughter story and a valuable and informative primer for families with members suffering from this devastating illness that attacks the brain. Recommended."

In his Seattle Times preview of the series, critic Jeff Shannon called Quick Brown Fox "intimate and emotionally intense... a soul-searching quest to understand Alzheimer's Disease." Columnist Liz Taylor wrote, "Quick Brown Fox isn't tragic. It's intelligently, articulately put together, with irony and laughter and love."

Quick Brown Fox is being distributed by Women Make Movies, North America's leading distributor of films by and about women. Based in New York, Women Make Movies is a nonprofit organization with a 32-year track record of helping its films find the widest possible audience, through television, distribution, film festivals and other theatrical screenings and media opportunities.

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